Chandragupt Maurya First King Of India

Chandragupt Maurya

Chandragupt Maurya was the founder of the Maurya Empire. He was the first Hindu king of India. Chandragupta Maurya was born around 340 BC in Patliputra in Magadh, the region which is currently known as Bihar and his father name is Sarvarthasiddhi Maurya and his mother name is Maura Maurya.

He was only 20 years old when he founded Maurya Dynasty in Magadh with the help of great Brahmin Chanakya. He is credited with bringing together the small kingdoms of the country and combining them into a single large empire. The Maurya Empire stretched to the northern natural boundaries of the Himalaya Mountains, and to the east into Assam. To the west, it reached modern Pakistan and many portions of Afghanistan.

He has two wives first wife name is Durdhara and second wife name is Halena. Durdhara was the mother of  Bindusar and he was the second  Samrat of Mauryan Empire. Durdhara died on 320 BC after the death of Durdhara Chandragupt Maurya married Helena. She was a Greek and her father name is saleucus nicotar. i.t is said that Chandragupt Maurya and Helena Maurya’s marriage was an accord between the two states. He was died in 297 BC.




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